Media Policy

The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation awards grants with the same philanthropy philosophy as William and Katherine Snee we give because we do not seek out public recognition but because we see a need.  However, there are occasions where an organization would like to make known the support given to a particular program or project.  In that instance, the Foundation will humbly accept the acknowledgement but requests that the organization abides by the following guidelines.

What You May Do

Submit all written materials containing the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation for approval.  You can list the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation's name (but not amount of grant).  This can be done in acknowledgement with other contributors in a news article, press release, or an annual report.

With permission and approval, donor plaques, buildings, walls, and programs can have the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation name listed.

Please share this policy with those responsible for publicity and recognition of grants. The Foundation appreciates your thoughtfulness in respecting these requests. If you ever have a question about appropriate recognition, please call the Foundation's office at 412-884-3626.